Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye Texas.....atleast for a little while!

Well, this last weekend we packed our stuff and headed for new mexico. For those of you that know us, we travel alot for Kyle's job and we had been back in Amarillo since we got married. We got sent to a job in southern new mexico about 80 miles from the Mexico border. I am unsure how long we will be here, but I am looking forward to traveling for a while before we get sent back to Amarillo. As we were driving down it was wierd to see how different it is here from what we are used to living in.

When the time came to leave Amarillo, we had to make the decision to leave our 8 month old puppy behind with Kyle's parents. I hated to leave him but he got bigger than what we could have imagined. He was a rescue dog and when we got him in July he was about 7 pounds and we thought he was a blue heeler/red heeler mix and from july to january he went from 7 pounds to 66 pounds and needless to say the traveling lifestyle isn't for him. I knew that I was attached to him, but didn't know how attached until the final day came and I couldn't help but cry when we left. I know it was the best thing for him,but I hated to leave him.

So as for now, we are down here in the craphole of America, but look forward to the future..I can't wait to see where we might get to go...I hope its close to the coast!! I would love to live there again!!

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